Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Building Mechanics

Today in class after establishing a cover for our board game brought in class by Aleks we started working on what cards would look like and the tpe of Alien civilizations we would use for our game. After collaborating for a while we reached a conclusion and each delegating a certain number of cards we would create for next weeks Alpha testing of our game. I was delegating to create the Alien civilization Narnians from Neptune and their main resource for the game which is ice. Each group member also was to create the cards for the other alien civilization and resource cards. We Also discussed some modifations to the board game map, where we decided to color code each region based on either its civilization or if it was completely destroyed. We also came up with the begining of the game  mechanics where each player after choosing an alien civilization is given three resources of there respective native region. Nearing the end  of the class with some of our professors help we added an end game mechainic to help run the game more smoothly and quikly. That mechanic is when a certain percentage of the world is destroyed from the alien invasion,the game automaticaly ends and  the player with the most regions wins the game.

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