Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Foundations of Alien Invasion : Blog 2

Our group is creating a board game called Alien Invasion.  The first real meeting that my group and I had was productive because we were able to brainstorm and create a foundation and layout for the physicality of our game. We concluded that the board will be a map of the entire world and that there will be at least four different alien races that are attacking.  These races will be the player roles and each player is randomly assigned an alien race which corresponds to a specific region on the board where you will start.  Obviously we are still developing functional mechanics to the game but we have decided that there will be resource cards that are crucial to the game play.  Each player starts out with three resource cards and is granted an additional card every turn.  The different continents will be divided into 3-4 regions and in order to control a continent you must first destroy and conquer the regions.  To make the game exciting and somewhat realistic there will be human uprisings.  The humans will try and take back what was theirs by starting war, each player must be able to fend off the humans with their resource cards in order to continue playing.  We have brainstormed a few different potential resource cards; water, carbon, uranium, human slaves, oxygen, plutonium, and of course cows.  Instead of the standard wood, water, and rock resources we felt that it was necessary to stick to our theme and add some galactic flair to our game design. Sorry humans the world is at a loss and is being completely depleted of its resources, it is now controlled by us aliens and there is no escape.

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