Sunday, November 24, 2013

The pieces are all coming together

Today was an important day for our game because all the flaws became noticeable and we had to think about solutions. We had to come up with a specific set of rules that our classmates would be able to follow during the next class period. We had previously decided to make 3 regions per continent but we were not too sure of how the alien species would be able to take the regions over. The decision we made was that each region would be taken over by a set amount of native resources to the region and 2 random resources. We also decided that each region that the player has control over allows the player to draw 1 native resource to the region each turn. The other difficulty we came across was on deciding how players would battle each other for regions. Our group came into many disagreements at first but decided on an overall strategy. The players battling for regions would compete in a battle of resources and the player with the highest number of points would win the battle. We decided that if the attacking player wins, the region would be annihilated and would not be used again. This allows for a closer interaction with the players since the size of the playable map gets smaller and smaller. After deciding on a set of rules for the game we decided to split up the work for creating the game prototype. I was to design the cards and send them out to everyone in order for them to print and cut everything.

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